Teddy's story

Teddy 26

Teddy HERE, to tell you all ABOUT how I got here!

About three weeks ago, I was lost. I had no idea where my family was and I was very sad and lonely. It was warm but raining, and I didn't know what to do. I curled up under the bushes in the front yard of a house in the street I was in. A lady came out of the house to check her mail and I thought she looked nice, so I came out from the bushes and said hello. She said hello kitty, and scratched me under the chin. But she went inside and left me out there.

I tried to get her attention by crying, but I don't think she could hear me. So I put my little paws up on the window ledge, and tried to look in the house. I didn't know it then but the lady was inside trying not to listen to me cry. She told her husband all about me at lunch that day, and when he came home I tried to say hello to him too. They put out a cat carrier for me, with a nice dry towel inside, and gave me some food and water. I was so hungry I gobbled it all down right away.

The next morning the lady and the man went off to work, but the lady came home early. I was still waiting for her. When the man got home, he brought me inside. I got a new towel to sleep on, some more food and water, and I got shut in the bathroom. The next day, I had to go the v-e-t and they did all sorts of things to me but I was a good boy and didn't cry. The v-e-t said I was 11 weeks old, and I weighed 1.2kg.

I now have my very own comfy bed to sleep in, a full food bowl and plenty of water and toys. I have a mum and a dad, and a big sister.

My name is Teddy Westlife, and I am home.


Timmy Tomcat said...

A beautiful story

Katiez Furry Mewz said...

Teddy, you are very handsome and so blessed to have a furr-ever home.